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Watch us on Blue Peter

We couldn't be more excited for this. We're looking forward to seeing our young Wildcats on the TV tonight training the Blue Peter presenters how to skate and play Rink Hockey. It's a brilliant opportunity for us as a club and wonderful for the profile of the sport as a whole in the UK. We are still very early in our development but it just proves with a lot of heart and determination you can achieve great things.

Just to give some perspective on the shoot, the kids were asked to use what they have learnt and actually coach two novice adults how to not only stand up on wheels but also play the game too. The presenters, Lindsey and Richie, were absolutely fresh to Rink Hockey and we were so impressed with them and how the kids were able to articulate how they approach and play the game. When in reality they have been playing for such a short space of time.

We look forward to seeing more people to join in so hopefully as a Rink Hockey community we can use this to benefit us all. Let's get more people playing the sport and keep moving forward.

Our segment will be broadcast tonight, Thursday 6th February 2020, at 5:30pm. So make sure you watch, tell your friends to watch and get their friends in on it too. Let's start shouting about the secret that is Rink Hockey and let other people share what we love to do.

If you miss it at all then you can always watch it on BBC iPlayer.

Remember, there is a more than likely a club near to you no matter where you live so if you fancy giving it a try then get in touch and we'll help you join in!

Last thing, thank you to the BBC and the Blue Peter team for being so supportive of us. We can't thank you enough for this opportunity and we're proud to now hold Blue Peter badges. You do great work so thank you again from everyone at the Sheffield Wildcats!

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